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Peyakoskan Podcast: Exploring Multicultural Stories and Wisdom

Updated: May 17, 2023

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the Peyakoskan Podcast, a captivating audio journey that delves deep into the rich tapestry of diverse cultures in Grande Prairie, Alberta.

Peyakoskan is the Cree word meaning "One Nation. One Tribe."

Hosted by local multicultural youth, this podcast aims to amplify marginalized voices and provide a platform for sharing stories, traditions, and contemporary issues.

Each episode of Peyakoskan Podcast showcases the voices of Indigenous Elders, community leaders, artists, and change-makers who generously share their knowledge, experiences, and unique perspectives. By doing so, the podcast seeks to foster understanding, promote cultural preservation, and inspire positive change.

Indigenous Perspectives on Contemporary Issues:

In addition to exploring cultural heritage, the Peyakoskan Podcast addresses contemporary issues impacting Indigenous communities today. From environmental justice and human rights to Indigenous representation and reconciliation efforts, the podcast engages with pressing matters that deserve global attention and action.

By fostering understanding and empathy, Peyakoskan Podcast contributes to a broader dialogue that seeks to address historical injustices and build a more inclusive future.

Join the Journey:

Peyakoskan Podcast represents a platform of connection, education, and inspiration, embracing the power of storytelling to bridge cultures and ignite positive change. Join us in honouring our community's diversity, resilience, and wisdom. Let us amplify voices, challenge our perspectives, and work together towards a more just and inclusive world.

Be sure to subscribe to the Peyakoskan Podcast on your favourite podcast platform; every follow makes an impact.

This podcast is made possible with support from Canadian Heritage.

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